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Best Ways to Sell a House

Best possible payout within a stipulated amount of time is required when a house is to be sold. Making profit is important because over the years a huge amount of money has been invested in the property. However, getting the best offer when selling a house depends on some conditions during the process. But, do not worry about failing to sell the house because there are many professional realtors that can be found on the internet one of them you can click on Vbuyhome.com.  Understanding the pros and cons of these conditions assists in making the best decision.

Here are some of the best ways to sell a house

Through MoneyTeamproperties.com

Selling a house is an expended and convoluted process putting some factors into consideration. Some of this factors includes a good price offer, listing, advertisement, showing to potential buyers and final sell out through appropriate means usually signed documents by both parties involved. Hiring an agent for this purpose will make this steps easier especially the legal aspect.

Private sale

The commission paid to agents when they are hired to sell a house may be up to six percent of the money received from the buyer. Due to this about 10/percent of sellers prefer to go through the selling process without hiring an agent so as to save the commission for themselves . Also selling a house yourself allows you to plan the visiting time for potential buyers yourself since an agent is not involved.

In some situations a private sale is better than an auction. For private sales the seller enjoys the long timeframe to compare different offers so he/ she can decide the best offer for the listed property. Also, a potential buyers make offers without having knowledge of the proposed offer by other buyers. This simply means a particular buyer really interested in the property may offer more than expected. This can also happen in an auction but the probability for this to occur is Fifty percent.


An auction is a private sale where property are sold to the highest bidder. This usually takes place at a scheduled time, date and location following a broadcast over a specific period of time. A licensed realtor from MoneyTeamproperties.com is normally present to oversee the event which is controlled by the ideal rules and regulations. For the buyer auction is an urgent process because they must act fast or they may loose their opportunity to purchase the house.

Sale by Expressions of Interest

Sale by Expressions of Interest (EOI) is different from an auction in the sense that interested buyers are invited to put forward their offer to purchase the house within a stipulated time and date. Individual buyer submits their best and final offer in written form. Under ideal conditions the property is usually listed for four to six weeks to ensure effective promotion of the house. This will also give buyers adequate time to visit the property, check their budgets and decide the best price they can offer.